What’s new in 2.2


Hello everyone, the new version is ready with two features, one that nobody asked but I did it anyway =) (because it was easy to add and I think many will like it) and another that was one of the most frequent requests.


1) Animated submit buttons.

I created an animated submit button (yes, this is the one that nobody asked), similar to the one that is used in the form configuration. You can also customize the icon of the button. If you don’t like this animation you can turn it off by unchecked the ‘Animated’ property in the button configuration.


2) Adding multiple fields in a row

One common question is, how to place fields beside each others. Until now this was not possible or at least not possible without mid/high understanding of css. Now this can be done easily by only setting a property =).

Now internally each row is divided in 12 columns and by default all the fields use 12 columns (so they fill the entire row). This can be changed in the spacing property that now all the fields have.


Every row is filled with as much fields as possible so if for example you have together two fields that only use 6 columns they will be added in the same row.



What’s Next (tentative)

1) Export/Import Forms

I want to start creating templates (like contact form template or email subscription template) but before doing that I need a mechanism to be able to create the form myself and pass it to whoever need it/want it so this is an important step to that direction.


2)Aweber Add On

One important use of the forms is to ask for email sign ups. So i am going to create an add on for that. If you have any suggestion of what this add on should have let me know =).