GDPR enhanced features added in 2.6.8

Currency field just added in 2.6.6!

Do you display monetary amounts in your form? If so you will like the new 'Currency' field available in the new smart forms version. This field lets you define the currency symbol (like $ or € but it can really be any character), its position, the number of decimals and event the decimal and thousand separator […]

Saving your form in another database

Each entry submitted with Smart Forms is already stored in the wordpress database (more specifically in the table rednao_smart_forms_entry) but in case you want to store that information in a different table or database this tutorial will help you do it.   Requisites We will need three things: 1.- The id of the form that […]

Smart Forms 2.6.3 Using repeaters in your formulas

Do you have a repeater field in your form? (the field that can add new fields in your form) If so you will be happy to know that this field can now be used in formulas! For example, if you want to calculate the total of a given field inside a repeater (like in the […]

How to show how many users have contacted you in your form (and get more contacts in the process)

An easy way to add social proof to your form is to display how many users have submitted it before, in this tutorial i am going to show you how to do exactly this. We will need to do 2 things: 1.- A service that get us the number of entries for a given form. […]

Getting your recapcha2 keys

In order to use recapcha2 you need to get a site key and secret from google, luckily you can get them in less than 2 minutes and for free! These are the steps to get them: 1.-Go to https://www.google.com/recaptcha/admin, since recapcha2 was done by google you will need a gmail account to get your keys. […]

Make big forms easy to submit with multiple steps forms

Is your form too big? With smart forms you can split your form in sections making it easier to read and complete. In this tutorial I will show you how to create a multiple step form. Creating a multiple step form 1.- Create a new form (or open an existing one) and select ‘Multiple Step […]

Creating Custom Validations

5 Reasons why Smart Forms has the best drag drop builder

5 Reasons why Smart Forms has the best Email Builder