What’s new in 2.3

1)Import and export forms

This is a feature that I wanted to add a long time ago, you now can import/export forms from one site to another; this is a very useful feature for you and also one that will allow me to create templates that you could use in your sites.

So starting from this release I will start doing common form templates, do you have any suggestion for a template? Let me know!



2)More ways to add icons to your form

Now you can add icons inside place holders, you can configure to show an icon to the left or to the right of a textbox:

To add an icon to a placeholder just click in the tag icon.




What’s next (tentative)

1) Custom validations

At least once a week someone ask me how to do custom validations (like how to validate that a field is equal to another field or how to validate that a date is greater than an specific date), this is kind of difficult to do right (you need to do custom javascript) so for the next release I want to do this way more easy, my idea is to do something similar than the conditional logics (that are used to show or hide fields depending on a condition) but for field validations.