Creating Custom Validations

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Introducing User Manual

Hello, i will try to keep this short =). Smart Forms is getting popular (Thanks!) and robust. That robustness (is that a word?) is not free, there are some very cool features that are kind of hidden or require some explanation to use properly. We need documentation Where is my documentation? It is here: I am pleased to […]

Adding advance calculations to your fields.

You can add common actions like rounding an amount or create conditions in less than 30 seconds following these steps: 1.- Go to the formula editor 2.-Click in the common actions link and pick the action that you want to do. At the time of this writing i have added the two most common actions that […]

Smart Forms Icon List!

500px Adjust Adjust Adn Align Center Align Center Align Justify Align Justify Align Left Align Left Align Right Align Right Amazon Ambulance Anchor Android Angellist Angle Double Down Angle Double Left Angle Double Right Angle Double Up Angle Down Angle Left Angle Right Angle Up Apple Archive Area Chart Arrow Circle Down Arrow Circle Down […]

How to make your form look awesome really quick an easy

A form that look awesome can set you apart from your competition and make you look professional, that is way is important to do it and that is way i spent a lot of hours designing (and re designing) this part of Smart Forms that will let you add icons to your form in different ways and […]

Smart Forms Template 1. Create an awesome contact forms in your wordpress site.

Hello! Today i am very exited because like i said in Whats new in 2.3 i can now create and share templates with you =). So this is the first one, this is the contact form that i use in this site so i hope you like it.   Template features: Custom submit button that shows an animation […]

What’s new in 2.3

1)Import and export forms This is a feature that I wanted to add a long time ago, you now can import/export forms from one site to another; this is a very useful feature for you and also one that will allow me to create templates that you could use in your sites. So starting from this […]