How to make your form look awesome really quick an easy

A form that look awesome can set you apart from your competition and make you look professional, that is way is important to do it and that is way i spent a lot of hours designing (and re designing) this part of Smart Forms that will let you add icons to your form in different ways and in less than 1 minute.

So lets get started, there are two way of adding icons

Adding icon before the field



These are the steps to add this kind of icons

1.- Select a field and then click in the edit button in the ‘Icon’ option.


2.- Select an icon from the icon pop up


3.- That’s it! enjoy.


Adding icons inside the field (as placeholders)


These are the steps to add them:

1.- Select the field that you want and click in the icon next to the placeholder field


2.- Select the icon and choose if you want to add it to the left or right of your field.


3.- That’s it! now you have your icon ready.

Now that you know this perhaps you want to see the full list of icons(more than 750 icons!). Check it here