5 Reasons why Smart Forms has the best Email Builder

1. We make the email builder extremely easy to use and understand.

Example of an email that is send to a client

To add a field to your email in most of the other plugins you need to remember the field id and type weird text like {field_id="6"}. With smart forms that is not needed, you will work with the field names making everything really easy to create and understand.

2. You can create several emails if you want.

Want to send an email to your client and another to your team? That is not only possible but really easy to do!

3. You can add conditional logic to your emails.

Want to send an email 'Only' if a condition is meet? That can be done!.

4. You can also add conditional logic INSIDE the email.

Example of conditional logic inside an email

Do you want to insert certain content to your email only when a condition is meet? That is also possible!.

5. Are you not receiving any email? We also provide you the best tools to fix it.

Example of email doctor

Still have questions or are not sure if this is the right plugin for you? Send us an email! We will be happy to help.