Not receiving form submission in your email

Most common causes:

  1. Miss Configuration of the email
  2. WordPress is unable of sending emails
  3. Problems with your email provider


1.- Miss Configuration

  1. Make sure to enabled the email notificationemail_issue_a1
  2. Configured the email and add the your email (or the email of the persons(s) that should receive the email  in the “To Email Addresses”
  3. The “From Email Address” and “From Name” fields are optional but leve them blank could cause issues with some particular email providers so if you are having problems receiving the email fill these fields as well.
  4. The From Email Address generally should be of the same domain as your site, e.g. If your domain id your “From Email Address” should be


2.- Wordpress is unable of sending emails

In order to send emails your server must be able to do so.  If you are not sure if your server can send emails you can check it using this plugin:

If your server is not able of sending emails and you are not allowed (or don’t want) to configure an email provider you can install a plugin like Easy SMTP Mail to use a popular email provider (like gmail or hotmail) to send emails in your site.

3.- Problem with your email provider

This is the hardest to fix (but at least the least frequent) problem, this happens when for some reason your email provider doesn’t like the email and throw it away. One common symptom of this issue is that when are able to send a test email (in the email configuration) successfully but you never receive it.

If this happens to you i recommend you to try to send a test email to a popular email provider (like gmail for example) and see if the email is received there, if so then your email provider most likely have an issue with your site’s emails, unfortunately i am not able to say what could be wrong since this is higly dependent of your server configuration.


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