How to install Smart Forms and it’s add ons

Installing and activating Smart Forms

  1. If you haven’t done so, please download the latest version from here:
  2. Do something that require a license, something like:
      • Create a form with more than 8 fields
      • Create more than 3 forms
      • Export the form data into csv
      • Create a formula that uses more than 3 fieldsYou will see a pop up like this:


  3. Click in “I already have a license” and submit your license information there.

Installing the add ons

  1. To install the add ons first download them, you should have received a download link within your receipt or you can log into your account to get them from there.
  2. Once you have the plugin file go to your site dashboard and click in Plugins/Add new

3. Click in "Upload Plugin" and then submit the plugin file