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Introducing fixed fields.

Hello!   In the latest release i introduced fixed fields, with these fields you can display in your email information that is not submitted by the user but is not static either, like the current date or the url where the form comes from.   To use them you only need to expand the fixed field […]

How to activate your license

If you haven’t done so, please download the latest version from here: Do something that require a license, something like: Create a form with more than 8 fields Create more than 3 forms Export the form data into csv Create a formula that uses more than 3 fieldsYou will see a pop up like this: […]

Not receiving form submission in your email

Most common causes: Miss Configuration of the email WordPress is unable of sending emails Problems with your email provider   1.- Miss Configuration Make sure to enabled the email notification Configured the email and add the your email (or the email of the persons(s) that should receive the email  in the “To Email Addresses” The “From […]