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5 Reasons why you should use Smart Forms to create Calculators

Creating Multiple Steps Forms

Using Advanced Search

Sometimes is not enough to search an entry only by date. Depending on your needs you might need to search by something more meaningful like an specific field in the form.  To do that you can use the Advanced Search option of the entries screen. You just need to go to the entries screen and […]

Introducing Image Uploader

A new field has been added called "Image Upload" It works the same way as Upload File with 2 main differences: It support drag and drop of images It shows a preview of the image instead of just showing the file name  Here is an example of the image uploader in action:

Showing the submitted information in another page using Smart Pages

Showing the submitted information in other pages can be easily done using the add on Smart Pages.  With this add on you can create a bunch of different pages like: A summary page that shows the information that your client just submitted. A list of all the submissions that a form has received. An admin […]

Doing validations using the day of the week

Do you have a datepicker and want to create validations using the selected day of the week? Like for example your business is closed on sundays and open later on mondays and want to validate this in your form? If so keep reading. The first thing you will need is a date picker: Then you need […]

Creating time validations

Do you have a time field and want to add some validations to it? Like allowing only specific time ranges? Then please keep reading. The first thing you need is to have a time field in your form Then to add a validation go the 'Conditional Logic' tab and select 'Make fields invalid depending on […]

GDPR enhanced features added in 2.6.8

Creating Formulas In Smart Forms

Currency field just added in 2.6.6!

Do you display monetary amounts in your form? If so you will like the new 'Currency' field available in the new smart forms version. This field lets you define the currency symbol (like $ or € but it can really be any character), its position, the number of decimals and event the decimal and thousand separator […]

Saving your form in another database

Each entry submitted with Smart Forms is already stored in the wordpress database (more specifically in the table rednao_smart_forms_entry) but in case you want to store that information in a different table or database this tutorial will help you do it.   Requisites We will need three things: 1.- The id of the form that […]